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Baby suddenly hates car seat – Deal with it like a pro

If you are going for a ride by car and your baby already sleeping, then I have to say you are lucky. Because many parents struggle to keep their baby happy in the car seat for 5 minutes.

Just imagine the suffering. You need to go somewhere in the car. But the minute you put your baby in the car, you discover that the baby suddenly hates car seat and he starts screaming. And he continues to do so the whole way there. It’s also a distraction for driving too. We used to know that most of the people distracted due to while they are driving. But new research has shown that almost 90 percent of parents get diverted because their children cry in the car.

So, what to do When your baby suddenly hates car seat? Well follow the steps shown below, and you will get some help.


What to do when your Baby suddenly hates car seat

Become A Car Seat Expert

Ensure that your rear-facing car seat is within 30-45 degree angle and it fits in the car correctly. But if have a newborn baby then 30 degrees may be too upright for him.

Consider experimenting with the angle to make it comfortable for your child. Also, check whether it makes a difference to acid reflux. Although a Lot of parents said that their children hate rear-facing car seats.


Make The Ride Fun

Turn your kid’s car terror into joy by producing an adventure ritual by singing silly songs with your baby. Purchase a particular toy they can have just in the car, have a fantastic long snuggle before putting them in the car.

You can also play a few specific songs on your mobile device that you think that your child loves. The point is to make a pleasant atmosphere with car rides.




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Keep Calm And Drive On

When facing a car-seat meltdown, try to be cool and calm. Because if you react with anxiety or stress, then it may raise your child’s feelings of stress.

Provide your baby plenty of praise when they are settling down or happily manage a ride with no outburst. Keep giving up compliments when you arrive home or your destination.


Check To Find Out If Something Is Causing Them Discomfort

Is the sunlight falling straight on babies face? Try a stick-on sunshade. Is there anything which is blocking them to see you? Use a secure plastic mirror for rear-facing car seats. Is the car seat fits in the car? Check the car seat’s dimensions and weight and see whether it is time to change the seat.


Dress For Success

Overheating can be a problem too. When it’s cold most of the parents used to up the temperature of the car. They think that their baby will feel comfortable with this. But sometimes they make the vehicle too warm, and your baby suffers from overheating.

Also, you shouldn’t place your baby in the car wearing a jacket. It will not only cause overheating but also its heaviness disturbs the car seat straps to working correctly. Take the weather into account as well.

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Turn On Their Favourite Song

Choose a song that your kid likes the most and play it repeatedly. While you perform the tune dancing around, sing along, socialize liberally and build positive interaction. Then try to play this tune in the car.

Many kids are soothed by white noise, whale songs or even a dummy – It’s always a great way if you are going through some distress. You may also need to bring a blanket or a favorite toy.


Use A Calming Essential Oil In A Car Diffuser

According to the experts using an essential oil like neroli, chamomile, lavender and clary sage can decrease stress and anxiety. It also helps to calm down. Use the power of aromatherapy In the car diffuser to turn car-seat terror to peaceful, more relaxing moments.

Make sure you use natural essential oils instead of chemical-based aromas, as a few folks can have allergic reactions to those products. If those oil does not help your kid, they might help you to relax.


Baby Safety Comes First

When all else fails, you might have continued with noisy, miserable car rides. Irrespective of how loud their voice is, you have to stick with the rear-facing seats. Because they are the ultimate choice for your child healthy and safe.


Siblings To The Rescue

Siblings can be an excellent source of relaxation if they’re old enough to not accidentally harm kids. Silly faces, tunes or gentle speaking can help to entertain baby.

Sitting your children near each other can help avoid horror situation in the car. Give the older sibling a choice of books and toys to use in the event your baby does become unsettled.


Watch Out For The Stomach Or Reflux Pain

A baby who encounters major gas following a meal isn’t going to enjoy being trapped in a car seat. You should Plan for a car ride long after meal times. It will help the baby to have the gas out in your home.

Children who have reflux issue have particular challenges in car seats. Car seats do not permit them to move smoothly. As a result, they face difficulties getting comfortable when they can not locate the ideal position because of stomach or reflux pain.





Frequently Asked Questions


How long can infant stay in a car seat?

You shouldn’t allow children to sleep for two or more hours in the same position. If you are going for a long car ride then, stop for some time and take your baby from the car seat.

Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a car seat?

As long as the baby feel comfortable and healthy, he can sleep in his car seat during the travel because the car seat is designed to keep him safe when you are driving. These car seats are also made to make baby feel comfortable, also provides the head and neck support although a car seat is not the place for your baby to sleep too long.   We hope that you find some helpful tips here. And you will apply them successfully when your baby suddenly hates car seat.

So far, I have discussed on how to act when your Baby suddenly hates car seat. If you think that I have missed something then please don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below. I hope this post will help you to manage those though situation.

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My little boy is 7 and half months old all of a sudden the last couple of weeks hates car rides every time we go somewhere he cry’s the whole trip will he grow out of this he is a carona baby to so for the first 3 months of his life we never left the house any help would be great

Just letting you know that my 7.5 month old is doing the same exact thing. She used to do fine on the road but now she screams the entire drive… which is about 15 miles twice a day!!! 🙁 I remember my oldest doing this too and she got better about it after a while. Separation anxiety is a huge thing right at this age and could be just that he feels like he’s separated from you guys. Only thing that helps that is time!!! So sorry but know you’re not alone!!

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