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Should you Continue Running while pregnant 3rd trimester?

Running while pregnant 3rd trimester is like being on a rollercoaster. Someday you will feel great and run 8-10 miles. Other days you will stop and walk off after 2-3 miles. But the question is Should you stop running during Pregnancy? How will Pregnancy affect your running? Will running affect your Pregnancy? Here are some helpful tips that might come handy for you for running during Pregnancy.


Is it safe for me to run during Pregnancy?

If you are in excellent health condition and your Pregnancy has no complication, then you should continue to run. But if you have any medical complications or pregnancy problems then you shouldn’t exercise in any way? Don’t do anything if you feel uncomfortable and don’t push yourself too much.

Women who ran even before becoming pregnant may usually continue running at their usual pace until they don’t feel uncomfortable. If you are new to running, then begin gradually. Warm-up for 5 to ten minutes by walking and extending muscles, then run at a slow and effortless pace.

Always try to keep your body temperature down during the exercise. Avoid running in warm or humid weather as pregnant women get overheated very quickly.

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IS Running during Pregnancy is Safe for your baby?

Fetal health is the most critical concern for pregnant women, and there’s no prove founded which shows that running affects the unborn baby. Physicians used to notify with heart rate to examine the level of exertion and you likely still hearing that principle of “do not allow your heart rate to go over 140 beats per minute during pregnancy.” However, there’s a new guideline in the city, and it’s known as the conversation test.

Talk test Test: This test is straightforward — the whole time that you’re running you need to able to continue a conversation.

If you cannot speak, you have to back down it. If you want to run anyway, then try to bring your running partner with you so that he/she can keep you reminding those rules.




Tips for running while pregnant 3rd trimester

  • Choose a running spot in which you have easy access to the toilet. Using a secure place to a urinate nearby is needed.
  • When you’re pregnant, your body works in an entirely different capacity. It’s putting distinct systems and relaying items to the unborn child. Therefore, it makes sense to not run with the same speed and intensity you used to run before.
  • You may feel shortness of breath throughout the Pregnancy.
    You may begin sweat sooner and quicker, so make sure to remain hydrated all the time and wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Be cautious on irregular surfaces as your center of gravity changes. Always try to select a flat and soft surface to run.
  • consider the treadmill and try to find a flat, easy terrain to run on.
  • With breasts that are growing, this is not the time to rely on older bra’s. Purchase a sports bra that fits nicely for maximum comfort.
  • Running during the third trimester of Pregnancy will always help you to be healthy for labor.
  • This is a security measure. You are in a higher risk of being pregnant, and if something were to occur where you wanted help immediately, you would want to have the ability to receive some. So make it sure that you always bring a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.
  • Running during Pregnancy retains all of the fluids in motion
  • Don’t push yourself out of the comfort zone. This isn’t the right time to put records in speed, mileage, or endurance. It’s a time to keep yourself healthy, active and happy.
  • Running may apply extra pressure on those loosened joints. It may cause pain and sore toes.
  • Consider having a running partner at this time Because anything could happen at any moment.
  • Premature labors aren’t uncommon. So if you decide to run during Pregnancy, then you must discuss your doctor first.




Benefits Of Running During The Third Trimester

  • Running through the third trimester of Pregnancy will definitely help you keep you secure and healthy for labor.
  • Running throughout the third trimester can allow you to have a natural labor.
  • It retains all of the fluids in motion. Your baby will like it too.


How To Know That You Should Stop Running While Pregnant

  • Cramps and pain remain for too long
  • Resting heart rate goes past ten additional beats compared to Usual time.
  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • If there is any sudden pain in your uterus area, stop running immediately.
  • Feeling tired rather than pumped up.
  • Pain on your chest during running.

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How to start Running While Pregnant

If you want to continue running or exercise during Pregnancy, try to maintain in slow pace and workout for 20-30 minutes. You can split this into three stages

  • Warm your body at the first ten minutes by gradually walking.
  • For next 10 — 15 minutes take a brisk walk.
  • Slow down and decrease body temperature at the last 10 — 5 minutes.

If you’re a newcomer to running completely, then only begin with 10 minutes walking and extending routine


Frequently Asked Question



If you did not run much before becoming pregnant, nevertheless, it is not actually the perfect time to get started. Following Baby Center, running at the third trimester isn’t that much different than running before in your Pregnancy, aside from the fact that your increased size might make it more challenging to go as quickly as possible.



Yes, even if you want to run, there is no need to discontinue during Pregnancy. Walking, running, and swimming is considered secure exercises during Pregnancy. But if you feel uncomfortable, then you should stop running.



Aim for at least half an hour of moderate exercise as many days of this week you may manage. If you have been an avid runner before Pregnancy, however, don’t hesitate to keep on running while pregnant. But, you might realize your average eight minutes mile is a whole lot tougher to perform.



However, for anyone who has uncomplicated pregnancies, specialists say there is no harm in keeping your workout regimen; running will not induce miscarriage or harm the baby. But if you have any complication, you should consult with your doctor.


So far, I have discussed on Running while pregnant 3rd trimester. If you think that I have missed something then please don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below. I hope this post will help you to understand how to run while you are pregnant.

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