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Pelvic Pain After Running During Pregnancy – 4 reasons why

When you are pregnant, It can be a little more challenging to run than the usual time. One of the main problems you will face is pelvic pain after running during pregnancy. It happens due to the extra weight you are carrying in the pelvic. But you need to be careful because If you feel pain or any discomfort in your pelvic, it may indicate you have an infection in that area. So, If you feel anything like that contact your doctor immediately.


Why does pelvic pain happen while you are running?

If you have any pelvic pain after running during pregnancy, you consult the doctor. Because It indicates weakness in your pelvic area or hip rotators. Experts say pelvic pain after running means there might be an imbalance in the muscles which support the organs. Also, strengthen and loosen the sphincter muscles or proceed to the hips and perform the shock absorption for the whole body weight,” says Scott.

Another expert says “Your muscles have to be powerful at a standing position until they could hold your own body weight at jumping or running. Also, note that Running is similar to supporting 3-5 times your own body weight each time you land.”

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Cause of pelvic pain after running during pregnancy


Extra Weight On The Pelvic

Each day you pass during pregnancy the size of your uterus increase and also the weight of the unborn child increases. And when you run it puts more pressure on your pelvic, as a result, you feel pain or discomfort in your pelvic area.

Remember the larger the uterus gets the weight will also increase, and the discomfort on your pelvic area also rises. When mothers get into the third trimester, they even struggle to walk for 5 minutes. So if you are planning to run in 3rd trimester just leave it.


Pelvic Alterations

Usually, the pelvic melts to balance the excess weight of the expanded uterus, and also the ligaments extend to accommodate the larger size of your uterus. These changes can cause massive pain in the pelvic region, even if you are not running at that time. It does not just happen while you are running that discomfort or pain in the pelvic area might last for a couple of days even you are not running.

Changes from the pelvic region begin with the start of the 3rd month of the pregnancy. That’s why you can try some light exercise to avoid those pelvic woes. You can try swimming and jogging instead of running.



If you experience contractions if your lower pelvic region stretches, you might feel pelvic distress or pain. If contractions begin before the 37th, then you should contact your doctor.

A mother can stop her illness by aggravating while running by keeping herself hydrated prior to the run. Running causes unnecessary sweating, It can make mother dehydrated, which might result in preterm labor contractions.


Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

The gap between the thighs can cause symphysis pubis dysfunction. It’s a condition where the gap between the pelvic bones expands. It can be a major cause of pelvic pain after running during pregnancy.




What are the signs of pelvic pain?

  • You will feel massive pain during sitting and resting.
  • You may feel pubic pain, Hip pains, groin pain or something which feels just like uterus pain. It happens due to various physical activities.
  • Dull aches at the pelvic area and also in the hip, or groin region are also a significant sign.
  • You may feel pain during sex.
  • Unable to hold back your urine when you sneeze is another sign.
  • The bigger the embryo develops the longer the pelvic discomfort and pressure to the bladder while running.




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Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, you can continue running while you are pregnant if you’re a runner before. When you are pregnant, your body creates a hormone named relaxin. This hormone loses your body joints, and as a result, you become vulnerable to the injury. So if you are not a regular runner, then you should not run during pregnancy. You should try light exercises.



Yes, you can. Constipation is a major side effect of early pregnancy, and it can cause cramping. You can also get a cramp during your daily routine exercise. As a result, you will get extra pressure on your muscles.



Yes, even if you want to run, there is no need to hold back during pregnancy. According to the experts walking, running, and swimming are all secure exercises during pregnancy.



Some could feel an intense pressure in the vagina, though some are going to have a dull ache all over the pelvi, or feel like an increased weight on their whole lower body. If you are a regular jogger, then you can continue running during pregnancy until you feel any discomfort. But if you are not a regular runner, you should avoid the idea and try to do light exercises. And also don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you feel something usual.


So far, I have discussed on whether Pelvic Pain After Running During Pregnancy. If you think that I have missed something then please don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below. I hope this post will help you to understand how should you run during pregnancy.

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