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Best Nursery Glider For Tall Parents

Ever feel like you’re just too big for parenting gear? Well, we don’t want you to give up your nursery glider and miss out on the bonding time with your little one.

A nursery glider is a much-needed piece of furniture for proper nursing. Not only will it help you feed and handle your child, but its rhythmical motions can also soothe them to sleep with ease!

The gentle rocking motion is also very relaxing for moms and helps them take some much-needed nap time.

Often, tall parents find it very difficult to select an appropriate nursery glider for their needs as most standard-sized nursery gliders are way too short, tight, and uncomfortable for them.

Tall parents should take special care when choosing their chairs because it will affect how they feel for hours after. When the back starts to hurt, neck soreness sets from sitting down in an average glider-it can become very uncomfortable!

So, the best nursery glider for tall parents must have some special features to counter such discomfort.

This article is all about helping tall parents to find the best baby glider. We will suggest features to look for when buying a nursery glider. We will also compile a list of the best nursery glider for tall parents, so you can pick out one that works well with your height.

Our Picks For Best Nursery Glider For Tall Parents

This article was written with the assumption that you are a tall parent looking for a nursery glider. if you’re reading this because of your height and need help picking out an appropriate nursery glider then we have some suggestions to share with you.

We have collected reviews from parents just like yourself who were frustrated by their inability to find a comfortable and supportive nursery glider at standard heights.

And after hours of research, we compiled our list of the best nursery glider for tall parents so that you can pick one without having to undergo such difficulties as well!

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

  • Gentle Rocking Motion.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Multiple Colors and Finishes
  • Made of solid hardwood material.
  • Greenguard Certified.

You and your little one deserve a cozy and stylish spot to spend the evening together. Introducing the newest member of your nursery team: the Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman.

This quality product has a solid wood base for durability and padded arm cushions that are very comfortable and will never get flat.

Adding to that the metal ball bearings give this glider soothing movement that will have you loving snuggle time as much as your baby does!

With non-toxic fabrics and child-safe colors this nursery glider is favoured by parents who are concerned about their child’s safety on a higher level. Also this glider is available in a range of colors to fit any style of home décor you have going on already.

In addition, there is a handy pouch where you can keep any reading material or other items within reach at all times.

Worry not about messy accidental spills of food or drink because these polyester fabric-made cushions are very easy to clean!

Another great feature about this glide is its pricing. It’s comparatively cheaper and might be a great option for parents with a low budget.

It’s no surprise the Storkcraft Premium Glider Ottoman won the Women’s Choice Award for Baby & Kids Furniture! And who doesn’t want an award-winner in their home?

Why We Liked It

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Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair

  • Spot clean with mild soap and water
  • Simple assembly required
  • CPSC Certified
  • Sturdy wooden frame and premium seat support.
  • Easy to reach reclining mechanism
  • 360-degree swivel, and gliding motion.

Sometimes all you need is a chair. A cozy, comfortable place to sit and read your child’s favorite book before bedtime or rock them back to sleep after a bad dream. That’s why the Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair was designed with you in mind—making every day great for parents and children alike!

It features an easy-to-reach reclining mechanism made from super durable steel that provides smooth gliding motion, plus high-quality seat support, ensuring comfort for years of use.

This glider comes set up and pre-assembled, so all you have to do is pull it out of the box, place it where you want it without worrying about assembly.

But what really sets Delta Children apart from the rest is its emphasis on safety– thanks to non-toxic materials without harmful chemicals, CPSC certification, Meeting and Exceeding to ASTM Standards– and the list goes on! Ensuring your child’s health and safety is paramount.

You’ll also love its durable, easy-to-clean fabrics, which will stand up to years of use without fading – even if your child decides they’re going to have a tantrum right after bath time every day!

Sure, it’s tough being a parent, but at least now you can relax with this Delta Children Dylan Nursery Recliner Glider Swivel Chair.

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Graco Parker Semi Upholstered Nursery Glider

  • spot cleanable
  • Exclusively produced by Storkcraft Manufacturing (USA) Inc.
  • Non-Toxic Cushion.
  • Ottoman Included.
  • Cushions Fabric – 100% Polyester.

Creating a safe and comfortable space for nurturing newborns is essential. That’s why this semi upholstered Nursery Glider from Graco is the perfect addition to any nursery.

With this glider, ottoman and nursing stool combo, you can rest assured knowing that your new set has everything covered.

Effortless rocking that you won’t want to stop just because mommy needs a break? Check.

Spot cleanable upholstery for those unexpected spit-ups and spilled milk? Check!

How about comfortably resting your feet during feed time like you deserve it as a new mama or papa? Done!

Not to mention the Solid wood base for durable dependability!

Finally, if anything goes wrong, Graco has ensured its customers by giving them one year of warranty coverage on any defects they may find in the product’s materials!

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Dutailier Adele 0369 Glider Multiposition-Lock Recline with Ottoman

  • Multiposition-lock mechanism
  • Gliding ottoman
  • Premium cushions
  • Handcrafted in Canada
  • Meets the most stringent Canadian and USA safety standards (CAL117 and TSCA)

When it comes to reclining gliders, not all are created equal. Experience the difference with a Dutailier glider. They’re given a seal of approval from the most stringent Canadian and USA safety standards (CAL117 and TSCA)- so you can feel safe and comfortable.

This gorgeous piece of home furniture has top-quality sealed ball bearings that provide a smooth and long horizontal gliding motion. Plus, the 45° reclining mechanism can be activated easily by pressure on your body and allow the backrest to adjust fully.

The nursery glider also includes an ottoman that is designed to glide in tandem with it. Paired with the glider’s reclining mechanism, you can achieve a position of complete relaxation – Lie down and take total ease!

This chair puts you in control by not only providing a smooth gliding motion but also allowing you to stop precisely where you like, thanks to the multiposition lock mechanism.

The pre-curved seat design provides maximum padding coupled with an integrated elastic membrane cell padding system, which creates a feel akin to sitting in a cloud.

In addition, the company crafts these items right here in Canada by skilled craftsmen using FSC-certified hardwood and backed by a five-year limited warranty. So you may have zero worries about your investment!

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DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Nursery Glider with Ottoman

  • Climate Pledge Friendly
  • A lumbar pillow is included for back support
  • Meets all CA TB117-2013 flammability requirements.
  • Easy Spot or Wipe Clean
  • Included ottoman
  • No assembling requirement

DaVinci knows taking care of your little one can be exhausting, so they made this stylish glider to offer you some much-needed relief. It features a high back that is adjustable to support both head and neck for any period of time.

The 360-degree swivel motion and forward and backward gliding will have you comfortable in no time at all. So whether you’re feeding or rocking your baby to sleep, this furniture has everything needed to get the job done comfortably!

They’ve also given you a bonus upholstered ottoman so that when your feet don’t feel like being on the ground for just one second longer, they’ll be able to relax while seated! This product also offers a lumbar pillow fie added to the back support, giving everyone a satisfactory amount of comfort.

And because DaVinci made sure safety was their top priority, this product meets all CA TB117-2013 flammability requirements on top of being GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED. Plus, it has upholstery free of chemical flame retardants like Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE)

Best of all? Any juices or food spills, simply wipe right off the protective fabric cover. Want one? Tell us now!

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Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

  • Sturdy Construction.
  • Easy Assembly.
  • Beautiful Aesthetic Design.
  • Available in A Number of Color.
  • One Year Warranty

Ready for a lifetime of comfort? Now you can look forward to the peacefulness coming from this swiveling gliding recliner. Designed with your very own needs in mind, it’s sure to make all that naptime just that much more comforting and enjoyable!

The Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner features a ball-bearing mechanism that allows for rotating swivel motion as well as gliding motion. So you can enjoy the flexibility of a full range of movement.

The leg rest is operated with a simple pull mechanism that provides you with ease in propping your feet up, reclining back, or fully upright from your position.

With multiple colors to choose from, there’s one for you! Also, the soft button-tufted upholstery is easy to clean, so it stays looking beautiful for years!

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Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman

  • Storage Pocket Available
  • Removable Chair 
  • Cushions for Easy Spot Cleaning.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Padded Armrests.
  • One year warranty

Give your nursery a perfect corner with a comfortable touch. Seat yourself in this delightful Angel Line Monterey Glider and Ottoman to rock away on after the fussiness of naptime or that required last feed.

The enclosed metal bearings will smoothly glide you from east to west as you relay those precious words, lullabies, secrets only meant for mommy’s big ears alone.

Padded arms will support you when it’s time for feedings, and extra cushioning means comfort when babes fall asleep in mom or dad’s arms.

This one-size-fits-all gold glider features a pillow with built-in lumbar support for a comfortable seat.

Made with 100% polyester, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that this piece will retain its shape. And if it gets spilled on? Just take off the cushions for an easy spot clean.

The “Monterey” also comes in a wide array of colors that are coordinated to match any décor! What more could you ask for?

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Forever Eclectic by Child Craft Cozy Glider Rocker and Ottoman

  • Constructed with durable rubber wood (hardwood)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Included ottoman
  • One year warranty
  • Smooth ball bearings for a comfortable gliding motion.

Getting cozy has never been this easy. Our Forever Eclectic Child Craft Cozy Glider Rocker and Ottoman let you enjoy your favorite reading, nap time, or conversation (not to mention TV shows) in one comfortable, swiveling seat.

Comfortably glide back and forth with the smooth ball bearings for hours on end while enjoying a soothing rocking motion thanks to padded cushions that are removable for convenient spot cleaning.

Also, The smooth gliding motion of the large padded glide bar moves in tandem with the ottoman to create comfortable seating for you and your loved ones. In addition, the storage pockets on either side offer quick access for whatever nighttime needs come up.

The Forever Eclectic by Child Craft Cozy Glider Rocker and Ottoman is crafted from durable rubberwood (hardwood) frames for optimal stability, so you can rest assured that this product won’t break down anytime soon.

The polished metal accents will provide just enough style to any space. Available in gorgeous finishes that will complement your home furnishings or decorate into something new entirely! Never miss an episode of anything again – all you need is this rocker ottoman combo!

Why We Liked It

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Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

  • Padded arm cushions with pockets
  • Gentle rocking motion
  • Crafted with a solid wood base
  • Easy to clean
  • CPSC certified
  • GREENGUARD Certified

Who doesn’t love getting rocked to sleep? The Storkcraft Custom Glider Ottoman is enclosed with metal ball bearings to make for the smoothest, most gentle rocking experience.

Padded arm cushions provide a spot for storing your reading materials and small nursery essentials, perfect for settling down on the couch.

With a variety of fabric choices for both the ottoman AND lumbar pillow, pick that perfect color or pattern to tie it all together in matching rows.

And don’t worry about spills- the arm cushions are easy to clean in case of any accidents.

Quality-crafted with durable solid wood construction, this stylish furniture meets all applicable safety requirements set forth by ASTM International and CPSC certified. Greener than ever, it’s GREENGUARD Certified too!

And with the included lumbar pillow back support plus easy assembly instructions to get your new glider rocker set up in mere minutes, it’s got you covered from morning to night!

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Lets Define Tall parents In The Context of Nursery Glider

The average height in America is 5 feet 4 inches for women and 5 feet 9 inches for men. So when we talk about baby gear for tall parents specifically, this means that we’re considering anyone above the range of 5’9″, including moms.


Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Nursery Glider For Tall Parents

A lot of tall parents are unsure about what to consider when purchasing a nursery glider. There are many things that need to be considered before making the purchase and we hope this information will help you decide which is best for your family.

The next section talks about some of those considerations and how they may impact your decision on which nursery glider to buy.

Back Hight:

Don’t forget to look at the nursery glider’s back height before buying one. You want an appropriate height so that you can get proper lumbar and neck support while holding your baby. This support will prevent any muscle strain or injury from occurring!

Also, the proper back height for the nursery glider will place the headrest in the correct position. A low headrest can push your head forward and cause neck strain. Proper headrest placement ensures relaxation without compressing the neck too much.

It’s crucial that you find one with the right features and specifications, so do some research before placing an order! First, you need to make sure that their seat back height reaches 29 inches and over.

When measuring from the floor to the tallest point of the nursery glider, make sure it’s at least 40″ tall. If you can’t find a glider at the minimum configuration, try one with a height of 36 to 38″ ( floor to the top ) and chair back that is 26 inches high

Seat Depth:

If you are a tall parent, the nursery glider should have a seat depth of at least 19 to 20 inches. This way, your legs will be comfortably accommodated, and your feet can rest against the floor without feeling cramped or squished while nursing your baby!

The correct seat depth for a nursery glider also ensures that your knees won’t be uncomfortable. You’ll have plenty of room to hold your baby or cradle him in laps while sitting on the glider!

Locking Mechanism:

The glider that you buy should have a locking mechanism. This will allow the user to lock their desired reclining position and prevent toes or fingers from getting pinched while in use.

The best ones come with encased hidden ball bearings that can be used as an extra safety measure if you need help standing up when your baby sleeps in your arms or just want them to put away while not using the chair!

Foot Rest:

Foot rests are a great addition in any nursery glider. They provide the perfect opportunity for you and your little one, whether it be nap time or just some quality bonding moments alone together!

But make sure that when looking into buying gliders, you consider the footrest length in a reclined position; otherwise all of those precious seconds will go by without relaxation.

A glider with attached footrests should be at least 67 inches long when fully reclined. This length will give you some room and comfortably while reclining in your new purchase!


Ottoman is an excellent addition to any Nursery Glider and can make your day-to-day activities more comfortable, Especially If you are a tall parent.

An Ottoman provides comfort by giving you somewhere soft where your feet will stay elevated while sitting down; this relieves pressure on lower back muscles.

In addition, it allows you to stretch out your legs and relax after feeding time with the kids or just get some extra reading in a while watching them play around. You will also find that an ottoman provides plenty of storage space to hold all baby’s supplies or toys!

Seat Width:

Your baby’s nursery glider should have the appropriate seat width to ensure that it is comfortable and you are not sandwiched between two armrests. A proper seat width will also allow you enough space to put one or two support pillows if needed.

With the nursery glider being one of your more expensive pieces, it makes sense that you want to keep them for a long time.

When considering how wide they need extra space to snuggle with your little one as they grow from infancy into toddlerhood (and beyond). An excellent place to start when shopping around is by looking at 18″ seats which should offer enough room up front.


For the best nursery glider experience, you may look for a glider that has 360-degree swivel features. The gentle swivel motion is perfect for soothing even the fussiest infant to sleep!

The quality of the fabric:

A nursery glider should be made of a soft and smooth fabric, free from toxic chemicals. The material shouldn’t be harsh on the skin. It should also not cause any irritation when in contact with your skin so you can enjoy a comfortable experience for hours on end without hassle!


Check warranty terms before making your purchase decision, as this could help illuminate when yours might wear out too rapidly.

Side Pocket:

The side pockets in this nursery glider make it easy to store small items like burp cloths and books. The best part is they’re right at your fingertips, so you don’t have to search all over for what you need!

Ease to clean:

It’s a baby, so of course they’re going to make your nursery look messy. They spill milk on the glider or throw up foods; they drool all over too! There is a chance that you can even get some fluids on your nursery glider when feeding the little one.

So make sure that the product you picked can be easily cleaned and maintained. You’ll want one which has a removable cover or cushion. This will make cleaning easier and keep your precious investment looking fresh.

Lumbar Support:

Moms want back support that will relieve their pain when sitting, resting, or reclining on the couch. This is why you should consider getting one with lumbar cushioning for maximum comfort!


If you are looking for the perfect nursery glider, don’t settle on one that makes noise. It should be squeaky-free and have no sound when in use so as not to disturb either yourself or your newborn baby!

A few models might become noisy after some time of usage which is solved by lubricating those metal parts associated with making a clicking/squeaking .This will help eliminate any unwanted distractions from happening during naptime.

Comfortable with Padded Armrests:

For those who want a relaxing experience, it is essential to have padded armrests. It’s irritating for both yourself and your baby to feel the hard, wooden construction when resting on it without any cushioning or support from its armrests! A padded armrest will keep everything comfortable for everyone involved!

What Is The Difference Between Nursery Glider And Rocker

It seems like every time you turn around, there is always a new item to help make life with children easier. For example, a newer addition to the nursery is the rocker or glider for feeding your child.

And you might be thinking, What are they? What’s the difference between them? And which one should I buy and why? So that’s what the next section of the blog post will answer!


The main difference between a nursery glider and a rocker is how they move. The nursery glider moves with a smooth, forward-and backward gliding motion.

The rocker is different in that it swings up and down with an arc pattern at a faster pace than a glider.


The rockers of a rocking chair have two points of contact with the ground for each movement. This can be risky for kids and pets as they might get hurt by the pinch.

On the other hand, a glider has no such danger. The pinch points of gliders are away from the floor, ensuring the safety of your child from being trapped.

Size, Weight and Mobility:

A rocker and the nursery glider are made from different materials. So their size, weight, mobility all differ too! The materials used to make a nursery glider are heavier than those found in rockers.

Therefore, between the two, nursery gliders take up more space in your nursery and may be less portable than the rockers.

On the other hand, rockers are relatively lightweight and more mobile than gliders.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The nursery glider has all sorts of moving parts like the wheels and rivets, which can be fussy and require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Rockers, on the other hand, don’t have this problem because they have no moving parts.


A glider can be an excellent choice for any surface, be it wooden and tiled floors, whereas rocking chairs might not be the best option for wooden or tiled floors.

Comfort and Functionality:

In general, gliders are more comfortable than rockers. A glider is actually a more versatile option for your nursery than the typical rocker.

With it, you can swivel and recline to find that perfect position which will help with healing after giving birth or just trying out different positions during sleep time!

Gliders also have a variety of additional features that rockers often do not. These include designs and colors, soft cushions with side pockets for extra storage space in your home. These sofas also come equipped with an ottoman which allows you to relax.

The modern rocking chair has replaced the old-fashioned design with padded seats and more comfortable cushions. However, these chairs still only serve one function; to rock on arched legs.

How Do Nursery Gliders Work?

The frame of a nursery glider consists of a seat that is attached to the base with a double-rocker- four-bar linkage.The non-parallel suspension arms of the linkage help the chair swing in both rocking and gliding motion while providing great comfort!

They say babies need their parents’ touch so why not give them something they’ll love? A nice comfortable rocking chair allows mommy’s arms free movement while she bonds over these new little lives in her life- sometimes called “gliders.”

Are Gliders Necessary For Nursery

A nursery glider is a nice-to have, not an absolute necessity. But if you have the budget and space to spare, it’s definitely worth considering getting one of these in your nursery!

What is a good glider for nursery?

A good nursery glider has to be strong and durable with features that make the nursing process easy, comfortable for mommy as well as baby. It should have all of the safety and quality certifications as well as being affordable so you can enjoy them without worrying about cost too much!

How much space do you need for a glider?

Ideally, you should place your glider 36 inches or 3 feet away from the wall so that it does not hit the wall while moving. If there are other pieces of furniture in the room, a 24″ space is enough to avoid bumping into them while rocking back and forth.

How much should you spend on a nursery glider?

If people can afford, many would advise going for a more expensive model. The advantages of an expensive glider over a cheap one include better construction, safety features such as safety belts and locking mechanisms, and it is convenience in size.

The cost of nursery chairs range from under 100 dollars to over 1000 dollars with most being in around 250$-700$. We recommends talking to friends about what they have experience with before making the decision on which product to buy. Remember-the chair isn’t just for looking at so you’ll be spending hours sitting there! Comfort is key! Although it may feel tempting to buy the cheapest chair available because you want to save money- think long term where care costs could very well surpass the initial price

Final Thoughts on Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents

You may have read this article with some skepticism. That’s understandable, as there is no shortage of articles on the web that claim to be able to help you find the best nursery glider for tall parents. But we promise you – these tips are worth your time and consideration! We’ve done hours of research into what features make up an ideal nursing chair for taller people, then compiled our findings in one easy-to-read blog post.

We hope it helps! Let us know how much this article was helpful to you by sending us your feedback via email or commenting on social media.

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