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Best Baby Gate For Stairs With Spindles & Banister

If you have a baby in your life, safety is always on the top of your mind. There’s nothing worse than worrying about little ones taking a tumble down the stairs and getting hurt- but it can happen! The good news is that there is a way to keep your little one safe as they explore the world- The Baby Gate.

But, installing a baby gate at the stair is not as straightforward as you may think. I mean, what if you have spindles all over your stairway? Another issue is, these spindles and banister come in different sizes and shapes. So choosing the right baby safety gate for Stairs with Spindles or Banister is vital.

With so many variable factors, it can be tough to find the best Baby gate for stairs with Banister. That’s why we created this blog post to help you make that decision easier. 

This blog post will discuss each and every aspect of baby gate for Stairs with Spindles & Banister both. Providing tips on installing them and what you should look for when deciding which brand is right for you. We hope it helps!

But at first lets start by understanding the similarities and differences between spindles and banister.

Lets Define Spindles & Banister:

Ever wonder what a spindle and a banister are or even a baluster? Sometimes we interchange these words altogether, and sometimes we make some distinction between the two. But, essentially, all of these terms refer to vertical posts within handrail systems.

The spindles or a baluster of a staircase are usually its most decorative feature. They are almost the same things. Still, to differentiate, one should know that spindles are thinner than balusters that connect the base rail with handrail on staircases. This way, you can have an idea as to why they might be called different things!

Often we use the word banister to mean spindle, but technically speaking, a banister is only the handrail. Also, sometimes, the word banister refers to the whole railing system (the combination of newels, stair treads, handrail, balusters/spindles, etc.)

The post (also called a newel) is the vertical structure that connects the stair or floor to the railing system.

Our Picks For Best baby gate for stairs with spindles & Banister

Considering so many variable factors and real customer feedback we have listed all the best possible baby gate with spindles for stairs. Hopefully you will Find the the best one that suits you. If you have any suggestion that can improve the content then you can always share your valuable idea through the comment section below.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

  • Wall-mounted baby gate
  • Opens in both directions,
  • one-hand operation for adults
  • Unique child-safe latch
  • Installs at angles up to 30 degrees

You don’t want to have one of those moments where you’re chasing after a toddler, and they get too close to the stairway. The Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate is the perfect solution. With up to 30 degrees angle, it’s easy to install for both straight and angled joints in most drywall constructions.

The best part? You can open on either side or choose from an optional stop bracket set that will only allow the gate to open in one direction to prevent opening over a stairway for greater safety.

The locking system baffles toddlers without sacrificing ease of operation for adults. Set the latch with one hand, secure it with one hand, all while still holding whatever you were doing before – what’s more important?

Constructed with lightweight aluminum, the gate is adjustable to fit an opening from 27 to 42 inches. It is available in three colors, features a powder-coated finish, and is JPMA certified – just pick your favorite!

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Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate

Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate
  • Durable steel construction
  • Smooth Glide technology for easy passage
  • Meets safety standards set by ASTM
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Custom Fit for Doorways and Staircases

So you’ve got the kids. And maybe a dog too. But that’s not all – you have to keep them in line too! That is why we have included this beautiful Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate to ensure the safety of your child.

The gate features a sturdy metal frame that is easy to install and has Smooth Glide technology for safe passage when carrying the child through the gate.

Not only does this gate expand up to 43 inches wide, but it’s leveler ensures that it is always mounted straight and even across the stairway.

And BONUS: banister mount kit included for round or square rails, ensuring safety by attaching it solidly with no damage to woodwork. While meeting ASTM standards and JPMA certification prove that quality was not an afterthought here!

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Toddleroo by North States 47.85" Wide Easy Swing Baby Gate

Toddleroo by North States 47.85" Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate
  • Safe & secure hardware mounts included.
  • Sturdy metal construction.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Swings out of the way when not in use.
  • Extra-wide door and no threshold.

Whether you’ve got a new bub on the way or the little ones are just learning to crawl, Toddleroo is your newest best friend. It’s JPMA certified and designed for kids ages 6-24 months.

With a steel construction in a decorative matte bronze finish, Toddleroo will fit seamlessly into any home décor. This gate has been designed to fit openings from 28.68 to 47.85 inches wide, and swings open in one direction only to avoid the dangers of swinging over stairs.

You can easily open it one-handed for a quick escape when two toddler hands are holding onto the bars and all too determined not to let go. Also, A gentle push swings this unique gate closed and secures it like nothing else.

When not in use, the Toddleroo can be completely removed & stored! With convenience like this, you’ll have more time to enjoy fun things rather than repeatedly finding your way past obstacles and chaos!

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Safety 1st Ready to Install Baby Gate

Safety 1st Ready to Install Baby Gate
  • Certified By JPMA.
  • Hardware mount for maximum security at the top of stairs.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Gate swings shut easily.
  • FullyFully assembled and ready to install.
  • Installation is super simple.

Safety 1st knows you’re busy, so they made sure this gate comes out of the box in one piece to reduce the hassle. It’s not just quick and easy to install – it also has a drywall screw design that eliminates those pesky mounting anchors. So installation is fast and simple.

Hardware mount and one-hand pass-throughs make this baby gate easy for adults too. At the same time, adjustable dimensions accommodate openings as wide as 29″ up to 42″. So it’ll fit any staircase in your home.

The door opens in either direction for convenience but also has swing stops feature to stop the gate from swinging over open stairs.

One push on the door has this baby gate swinging shut so you can get what you need doing fast! This Safety 1st product has no threshold design, which means keeping your littles safe with minimal risk of trip hazards at the top in mind as well.

Enjoy added peace of mind knowing that it complies with ASTM standards and JPMA certification. Making it a safe choice for your child’s home.

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The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate

  • Retractable fabric gate.
  • East to install
  • Meets ASTM Safety Standards.
  • Multiple install method
  • Banister to banister

We know what moms want. Ergonomic, easy installation in a beautiful design made with the finest fabrics. Your child deserves the best, and these premium Stair Barriers will not disappoint.

This baby gate requires no drilling and can be installed at an angle without requiring any flat surface. Also, Its unique straps and buckle system enable the gate to be adaptable to banisters of any shape or size. Be it volute or curved.

With internal plastic struts and heavy-duty webbing, the stair barrier is cutting-edge in safety. And if you’re extra concerned about security, you’ll appreciate that these gates have been manufactured in the USA following strict guidelines by ASTM Standards.

Constructed with Class one upholstery graded fabrics, these stair barriers truly exemplify a perfect balance between style and functionality!

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Dreambaby Boston Auto Close Gate with Ezy Check Indicator

Dreambaby Boston Auto Close Gate with Ezy Check Indicator
  • Fits opening from 29.5″ to 38″ wide.
  • Tool-free, pressure-mounted installation.
  • Quick and Easy installation.
  • One-handed operation.
  • Magnetic Auto-Close feature.
  • EZY Check Indicator.

The gate is so smart that you don’t have to be! Introducing the Dreambaby Boston Auto-Close Gate with EZY Check Indicator. An innovative way of being almost never too far from your kid ever again.

How does it work? The magickal magnetic feature closes and locks the gate automatically wherever you are (supposedly). It doesn’t matter if you’re on the other side of a door or in another time zone-the gates will always close for you.

The best part? Though it’s a pressure-mounted gate, it includes four optional screws mounted over adhesive pads to provide extra security for stairways. Plus, the sensors on this safety product let you know when they’re locked in place and properly installed with its handy EZY Check Indicator – just check for the green light!

This gate can open from both directions, but with the one-way stopper in place, you have complete control to limit it to only one direction. This is really important when you are using the gate to guard your staircase.

And because we all love convenience (and timesaving!), this Mom’s Best Award-winning design also has a Smart Stay-Open feature, which will keep the gate in an open position until you close it. A fantastic feature for times when your child is sleeping, you’re bringing in groceries, or entertaining guests.

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Summer Banister and Stair Gate With Dual Installation Kit

Summer Banister and Stair Gate With Dual Installation Kit
  • Fits stairs 32’ to 48’ wide when using banister kit.
  • The banister installation kit accommodates square banisters up to 3.5” wide.
  • Banister kit included for safe and easy mounting at the top or bottom of stairs.
  • Stylish and durable wood design with a honey oak finish.
  • Accommodates most single and double banisters.
  • Ideal gate for toddlers and small pets.

Childproof your home with this Summer Banister and Stair Gate. With the included installation, the gate fits stairs from 32’ to 48’ wide and can install safely and securely at the top or bottom of your stairs.

This gate works on both square and round banisters. No drilling is required on square banisters, while round banisters require drilling. The hinge side of the gate uses different adhesive brackets, ratcheting straps, or screws to attach the gate with the banister.

With the honey oak finish, This durable wood design can match any home décor. Security has never been more stylish! The quick-release mechanism allows for easy removal and reinstallation to suit any occasion.

The dual installation kit will work in banister-to-banister mounting or single banisters. So no matter what kind of railing you have, just choose the quickest way to secure this baby gate!

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Installation Kit For Baby Gate For Stairs With Banister or Spindles

Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit

Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit
  • Kit mounts to both square and round shaped posts.
  • Can be used at top or bottom of stairs
  • Fit post between 2 ½ to 3 ⅝ inches.
  • One kit is required for each side of the banister.
  • Fits to both pressure mounted and hardware mounted gate.

 This kit comes with one 36″ tall wood strip, two square clamps, two wood inserts for clamps, one set of round adapters, four bolts, two finish washers, and two small screws. The fun part is the Company will ship an extra round adaptor free of charge for posts that is round at both top and bottom.

Why We Liked It

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Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit

  • Fits round or square banisters.
  • Fits both hardware and pressure mount installation.
  • Accommodates gates up to 37” tall
  • The kit accommodates square banisters up to 3.5” wide.
  • One set of kit is enough for both side of the banister.
  • Accommodates banister to banister or banister to wall installation

Why We Liked It

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KidCo K12 Stairway Gate Installation Kit Baby Pet Barrier

KidCo K12 Stairway Gate Installation Kit Baby Pet Barrier
  • The Kit mounts to both square and round shaped posts
  • Can be used at top or bottom of stairs
  • Fit post between 2 ½ to 3 ⅝ inches.
  • One set of kit is required for each side of the banister.
  • Fits to both pressure mounted and hardware mounted gate.
  • Weight 2.2 pounds.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

Some Discussion on The Type of Baby Gate: 

Let’s face it, staircases are dangerous, especially the top one. so you’ll need a gate that is more permanent and installed by screwing brackets into the walls or anything.

You are right- we are talking about only installing a hardware-mounted gate for the top of the stair. You don’t want to put up a pressure-mount gate at the top of the stairs because the tension mounting system lacks hardware attachment.

When it comes to the bottom stair, it is a relatively less risky zone for kids Compared to the top. This means you don’t have to go all out with a hardware-mounted baby gate! A high-quality pressure-mounted gate will get the job done as well.



Lets Dig Inside Some of The Variable Factors:

As we said, it’s not straightforward to decide which baby gate you should install for your stairs for spindles. There are so many variable factors that may shape your decision. We will discuss some of the issues below-


Type of Staircase:

You may have a Straight staircase, or you may have a Spiral or Curved staircase. Now the staircase shape will determine what kind of baby gate works best on your home’s stairs! For a straight staircase, any kind of baby gate will do the trick.However, if your stair has spirals or curves, it’s best to purchase one that mounts on an angle.

Your staircase can have spindles on both sides. Or it may have spindles on one side, while another side is just a plain wall. So the mounting points may not be straight across from each other. In such a situation, once again, an angle-mounted baby gate can be very convenient.

Materials Used in Spindles:

Spindles are either made with wood or wrought iron. When you have your spindle made of wrought iron, then drilling holes in it to install a baby gate just isn’t an option. So you may use some sort of baby gate installation kit to install the baby gate.

Even for those wooden ones, we can sometimes choose these kits as well so that there are no drilling marks on our decorating masterpiece!

The shape of Spindles:

There are also variations in the shape of wall posts or the spindles. Like, you may have round or square-shaped spindles or a combination of both. These variations will also dictate the choice of baby gate and installation kit you may want to use.

Installation Kit:

Now let’s talk about the installation kit. The kit includes solid wood boards with a number of zip ties or straps and some Banister Clamps. These zip ties or Banister Clamps are used to attach the wood boards with spindles. Any drilling or pressure mounting will be over the wood board.

For very slim-sized spindles, you may choose a Y-shaped banister adapter. These banister adapters are designed to be used with pressure mount baby gates only.

best baby gate for stairs with spindles

Some Final Word:

From 1999 through 2008, every six minutes, an under-five-year-old child was treated for stair-related injuries ( Check the source here). Now, this is an alarming statistic that can have devastating consequences.

A Baby Gate is a great way to keep your little one safe from such hazards. However, as we told earlier, finding the right baby gate for stairs with spindles can be more challenging than you may think.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to go through hours of research and come up with this list of the top seven best baby gates for stairs with spindles. We hope that you have found this article helpful and are now better equipped to find the right baby gate for your stairs.

Let us know how much you have appreciated our effort by commenting below or telling your friends about this blog post via social media. Thanks so much!


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