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Bare Baby Bottle Reviews For New Parents

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy”- it’s a quote from Oscar Wilde.

Yes, he was right. In all senses. Unless your kids are happy, you cannot guide them in life. So, parenting plays a lead role in the early part of life.

But, do you have a clear idea of parenting? I guess you have, and it encompasses almost all aspects of life. Including feeding your babies.


It helps to build the physical shape of your child. When the baby is a newborn, it needs milk. You must feed breast milk for a couple of months at a stretch. But when the baby is a bit grown up, you need feeding bottles. So, here are the bare baby bottle reviews.

I can bet that almost every new parent has witnessed some issues while getting a bottle. In this post, you will get some comprehensive ideas through the bare baby bottle reviews.

Baby Bare Bottle reviews – Top Picks 

The majority of the product reviews select products on a random basis. But we are a bit special. We made the bare baby bottle reviews after thorough research. Discussion with the sellers, first-hand users and online analysis was part of our selection.

Hence, you will get an unbiased bare baby bottle reviews.

Let’s start exploring the products.

1. Dr. Brown's Options+ Baby Bottles Pink Gift Set

  • Sterilizer safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Are you looking for a complete package of baby feeding bottles? Then, this one is the perfect piece for your needs. The package comes with nipples, a bottle brush, and storage caps. So, you need not buy them separately.

Quality is the other notable feature here for the bare baby bottle reviews. You need no worries to wash the bottles in the dishwasher. They are safe. Besides, you can sterilize the bottles as well.

At times, parents are worried about the colic. It happens for several reasons. The flow of milk may also cause it. But with this particular set of feeding bottles, there are no such issues. You will get several nipples to set the flow.

A comfortable grip is another splendid feature of the product. So, you can hold the bottle correctly, and it will not spill the liquefied foods for the baby. Moreover, the baby will never feel hurt if it bites. The soft silicone will ensure the gums remain unhurt.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

2.NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle, 5 Oz, 6 Pack, 0+ Months

  • Anti-colic
  • Special nipple design
  • Flow control

The majority of the parents experience issues with flow control in feeding bottles. Hence, we focused on this particular matter. Finally, we found that the NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle is the perfect one. It has no such issues. You can smoothly control the flow in the bottle.

Moreover, the nipple design is attractive. It helps the baby to drink effectively. There would be no spill out. But similar other products lack such features. And the spill out causes irritation to the parents.

Changing of bottle color is another unique feature here. The color changes when the milk is too hot. Hence, you can take immediate action to reduce the milk temperature. Ultimately, it provides a comfortable experience for your baby.

The perfect drinking hole is another impressive feature. Many of the parents had allegations about the misaligned drinking hole. So, the manufacturer took good care of this bottle. You will find the drinking hole in the right position.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

3. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine

  • Automatic mixing
  • Works virtually
  • BPA free

Are you having some busy moments? Need an automated solution for mix your baby’s milk? No worries! Check the bare baby bottle reviews. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser Machine is the perfect mate for your busy hours.

It takes less time to mix because of its smart mixing technology. Also, you can use any feeding bottle of any size. No matter what brand that is. The manufacturer has taken good care of this issue too.

Durability is the other feature to prefer this product. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. Also, it operates with a regular household power connection. And the mixing is perfect.

Customization will help you get the best of the service from the dispenser. There are three temperature settings. So, you can set the temperature based on your needs. When you need a quick mixing, the high temperature will do that. Or if there is no rush, mix slow.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

4. NUK Simply Natural Bottles Gift Set

  • Multiple nipple holes
  • Complete set
  • Natural feeding

Another NUK bottle here. When you have a long-term baby feeding plan, it’s your best companion. There are nine pieces of bottles. So, you can use each of the bottles in different phases of your baby.

Besides, the nipples are of different features. You will get nipple with slow flowing as well as fast flowing. But the combination of such feature is not available with other bottles. However, please keep in mind that the fast flowing nipples are for children between six to 18 months.

If your child experiences colic, nothing to worry about now. The bottles are anti-colic. They do not allow air to enter inside. Hence, there are no bubbles in the milk. And your baby gets a comfortable drink.

The softness of the nipples is also mentionable here. Many of the parents, in fact, bought this product for the soft nipples. The children do not feel irritated while drinking. Besides, the nipples are flexible. So, children can drink in a comfortable position.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

5. Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle, Clear, 8oz, 4pk, SCF703/47

  • Made from natural glass
  • Thermal resistant
  • Wide nipple

We selected Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle as it is from a natural glass. Because of its shape, breastfeeding and bottle feeding can go simultaneously. Further, the nipple is softer, which renders a soft feel to the child.

Not to worry about the colic. The bottle has superior vent technology. So, it prevents colic. Your baby will not feel discomfort while you feed. Alongside the parents, the baby can also hold it for its ergonomic shape.

Worried about maintenance and assembly? Don’t worry. The bottles are easy to assemble as there are only a few parts. Cleaning them is more comfortable too as they are from borosilicate glass. You can clean them using traditional cleaning materials. Besides, they are BPA free.

Durability is another factor to prefer bottles. They are resistant to heat and shock. Even you can store them in a refrigerator or keep them in a warm state. They also can survive sterilization.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

6. Dr. Brown's Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle

  • Breast-like shape nipple
  • Wide neck
  • BPA free

It was a tough call to select our sixth product. Considering the ease of use, we have selected Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Baby Bottle. The first thing is comfort while feeding and transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

If you experienced trouble with the nipple, get ready to feel something better. The nipples are tailored to a particular technology. Thereby, your baby will enjoy consistent feeding. Being in the right position, the nipple holes provide excellent comfort.

The anti-colic feature of this bottle also claims attention. Therefore, your baby’s tummy will not make any noise after feeding. The digestion process will be fine, and the baby will get a sound sleep.

Further, the bottle is easy to clean and store. You can use the regular dishwasher to clean the bottles. There would be no side effects. Also, the bottle is safe to sterilizer. It allows you to sterilize the bottles anytime you want.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

7. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Feeding Bottles

  • Six bright colors
  • Flexible bottle
  • Anti-colic valve

It’s a preferable baby feeding bottle ever made. The first thing that will arrest your attention is the colors. There are six bright colors. For the colors, the babies love the bottles most.

Secondly, feeding with the bottle is comfy. The baby will not have any burp or gas. With the anti-colic valve, the bottles prevent air from entering inside. Thus, the bottles remain airtight. Consequently, there are no issues of gas or burping at midnight.

Moreover, they have slow feeding features. The nipples are from smooth silicon. So, when you feed slowly, the baby will never feel irritated. But the other similar nipples lack this particular feature. It results in irritation for the babies. And they do not want to use the bottles.

The easy holding of the bottle is another impressive feature. It allows the parents to hold the bottle firm. If you are inexperienced in baby feeding, you too can do that smoothly.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

8. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle, Clear, 11oz, 4pk, SCF016/47

  • Wide shape
  • Natural latch
  • No nipple collapsing

We have selected Philips Avent Natural bottle as our eighth product. It comes with several unique features like easy feeding. One of the most impressive aspects is that the nipples are bite-resistant. You will not have the feature in other nipples.

Secondly, the bottles are specially designed. The use of the Airflex valve has reduced colic. So, your baby will not have discomfort while feeding. You can feed uninterruptedly as there would be no air inside the bottle.

Holding the bottle is more effortless and smarter. Because of the ergonomic shape, anyone can hold it. Interestingly, you can allow your baby too to hold the bottle while feeding.

Assembly is a nightmare for many of the parents. But here, you will enjoy assembling it. As there are only a few parts, the process is shorter and smarter. Holding the wide bottle neck, it takes only a few seconds to assemble all the parts.

Safety is another concern for babies. Thereby, the manufacturer has used BPA free materials during the production process. It makes babies free of unwanted hazards.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

9. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Blue Gift Set, SCD206/12

  • Complete feeding kit – Natural latch
  • Natural latch
  • Colic reduction

For the new moms, this baby feeding kit is a precious item. It comes with a few innovative features and flexibilities. The very first thing is that you will not need to worry about gas or burp. They have an anti-colic feature. Hence, there would be a bubble of air inside the bottle.

Further, the bottle is a perfect one for the transition to bottle feeding from breastfeeding. The wide and flexible bottle and nipple will make the baby feel comfortable.

Another aspect is that it comes with a complete set. You will get two bottles, two slow flow nipples, and others. The addition of the cleaning brush helps to cut your cost. Because of the curved head, the brush can clean the farthest corners of the bottle.

Also, you will have Soothie Pacifiers, which the professionals use to calm babies. And they are from hospital grade silicon. So, there are no issues of irritation for your babies.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

10. Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Newborn Baby Bottle Feeding Set

  • Anti-colic
  • Built-in heat sensor
  • BPA free

It’s a combination of comfort and innovation. The manufacturer has added the blend to make the bottle more reliable. It comes with a breast-like nipple. So, you can easily transit between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Moreover, your baby will feel comfortable with the anti-colic feature. It does not allow air to enter into the bottle. So, your baby drinks milk without air. Hence, there are no issues of gas, burping, or other disorders.

You will feel glad for the built-in heat sensor. The sensor will show you the temperature of the milk. If the milk is too hot, you can take preventive measures. If the milk is cold or not up to the mark, you can heat the milk up.

Durability is another mentionable feature. Most of the feeding bottles leak. This is an irritating matter for every parent. But you will experience no such issue. It is a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

11. Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle

  • Easy cleaning
  • Slow flow nipple
  • BPA Free

If your baby suffers from the most common issues, this Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle is the perfect one. The manufacturer brings a unique design to prevent colic and gas in babies. Due to colic, babies feel uncomfortable. But there would be no such issues at all.

The other impressive factor is easy cleaning. In most cases, parents struggle to clean the bottles. And it consumes time for them. But with the bottles here, you can easily clean them. Even the air vent is also easier to clean.

Flow rates are essential. A newborn and a baby of six months does not have the same intake flow. Thereby, you need diversified flow rates. And precisely, you get the features here. You will get a slow flow nipple set to adjust the flow.

The package comes with four baby bottles and four AirFree vents. Thus, you need no extra buy, which is common with other bottles. This is, in fact, a cost-effective way to have comfort for your baby.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

12. Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green, 8 Ounce

  • No toxic materials
  • Closely mimics breastfeeding
  • Squeezable body

The prime concern in the present day is the presence of toxicity. Even the baby feeding bottles are on the list of toxic materials. Considering the ground, the manufacturer has brought a special baby feeding bottle. Free of toxic elements.

Moreover, the design is highly sensible. The baby will never realize that it is being fed from a bottle. As the design is similar to breastfeeding, you can easily transit to bottle feeding. This is a must for busy parents.

Wondering how the nipples would be? They are from soft silicon. Besides, the squeezable body also helps the babies to hold it firm. The ergonomic design makes it a wonder for the parents. The nipple flow is also variable.

In addition, you will get an easy cleaning feature. Immediately after feeding, you can wash the bottles. And they are washable with regular cleaning materials. You need no cleaning brush for the purpose, too.

Why We Liked It

What We Didn't Like

Why you need Baby Bare bottle review?

Well. You are a new parent. And of course, you have some ideas about baby feeding. And about bare baby bottle reviews. So, why you need the review?

In most cases, the new parents are amid a huge rush. They need to take care number of issues together. So, while selecting the baby feeding bottle, they make the wrong choice.

Neither is it your fault nor are you to blame. It is part of natural consequences as you lack complete ideas on bare baby bottle reviews.

There are some parents who make the necessary preparations before the baby birth. They take all the care, even they select the baby feeding bottle before.

Thus, if you are one of the wise to-be parents, you must check this review. We have gathered the necessary information on the feeding bottle. In the end, it would be easier for you to decide the right one for your baby.

Checklist to buy the best baby feeding bottle

You are lucky if you have completed the bare baby bottle reviews. Our research team underwent significant stress to find out the unbiased information. And that is our success that we have reviewed all the products neutrally.

Now, check the points below to get ideas on how to buy the right feeding bottle for your baby.


  • It’s a must to check the anti-colic feature
  • Check the body construction
  • Mind the nipples (if they are soft)
  • Check the cleaning measures
  • Assembly of the bottle matters too
  • Perform leakage test
  • Did you check the air vent? If not, check right now
  • Measure the neck width of the bottle
  • Is the bottle safe for dishwasher or cleaning detergents? Get ideas.
  • Match the nipple size with the bottle
  • Is the product from toxic materials? Check it.
  • Milk flow matters too. Check if the flow is variable or not.
  • Don’t forget to inspect the grip. It must be ergonomic. Or you may feel uncomfortable
  • Nipple collapsing is unwanted. Know if it does the same.

Some Final Word:

So, I think you have got the ideas after reading the bare baby bottle reviews on feeding bottle. If you find any more information than us, feel free to share your thought. Use the comment box below. We will get you back soon.

And we expect your baby to a comfortable feeding and a sound sleep at night. Usually, children live in the present. So, help them get better moments in the present time. The right feeding bottle will ensure that.

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